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Case Study: Professional acoustic treatment for a home Piano Room

Project Overview

Hyped Up Acoustics was tasked with transforming the acoustics of a piano room that suffered from excessive sound reflections and muddied mid frequencies. The client's goal was to achieve a clearer, more balanced sound that would enhance their playing and listening experience.

Initial Challenges

Before the acoustic treatment, the piano room exhibited several acoustic issues:

  • Excessive Reflections: The room’s hard surfaces caused significant sound reflections, creating a chaotic sound environment.
  • Muddied Mids: The mid frequencies were particularly affected, leading to a lack of clarity in the sound.
  • Bass Boom: The room also experienced an overpowering bass boom, which further muddied the overall sound quality.

Solution: Ceiling Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps

To address these issues, we implemented a two-fold acoustic treatment strategy:

  1. Acoustic Panels on the Ceiling: We installed high-quality acoustic panels on the ceiling to absorb excess sound reflections. This helped to reduce the chaotic sound environment and clarified the mids.
  2. Bass Traps Around the Room: Bass traps were strategically placed around the room to manage low-frequency energy. This significantly reduced the bass boom and balanced the overall sound.

Installation Process

The installation process was meticulously planned and executed to ensure minimal disruption and maximum effectiveness:

  • Assessment: We began with a thorough acoustic assessment of the room to identify the amount of acoustic treatment and the locations for the panels and traps.
  • Panel Installation: White ceiling panels were professional installed to reduce the amount of reflection from the ceiling and at key reflection points. These panels were designed to blend seamlessly with the room's aesthetic while providing optimal acoustic performance.
  • Bass Traps: Bass traps were placed in the corners where bass frequencies tend to accumulate. This targeted approach ensured that low-frequency issues were effectively addressed.


The acoustic treatment yielded remarkable results, transforming the piano room into a space with clear, balanced sound:

  • Clearer Sound: The reduction in sound reflections and muddied mids resulted in a much clearer sound. The piano’s notes are now distinct and articulate.
  • Balanced Frequencies: The bass traps effectively managed the low frequencies, eliminating the overpowering bass boom and providing a balanced sound spectrum.
  • Enhanced Playing Experience: The overall improvement in sound quality has significantly enhanced the client’s playing and listening experience, making the room a joy to play in.

Client Feedback

The client was extremely satisfied with the results, noting a substantial improvement in both sound clarity and balance. They appreciated the professional approach and the seamless integration of the acoustic solutions into their room.


This project demonstrates Hyped Up Acoustics’ expertise in diagnosing and addressing complex acoustic issues. By installing acoustic panels on the ceiling and bass traps around the room, we were able to transform the sound environment of the piano room, delivering a clearer and more balanced sound. Our solutions not only improved the acoustics but also enhanced the overall aesthetic of the space.

For more information on how Hyped Up Acoustics can transform your space, please contact us today.

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