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Pro-coustix Urban Large Format Slat Wall Acoustic Sheets
Pro-coustix Urban Large Format Slat Wall Acoustic Sheets
Pro-coustix Urban Large Format Slat Wall Acoustic Sheets

Pro-coustix Urban Large Format Slat Wall Acoustic Sheets

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Introducing Urban the acoustic panel that is just as comfortable behind your television as it is in your studio.

Urban acoustic panels are the first 100% acoustic panel designed to add a touch of contemporary chic’ to your space. The panels feature a deep contrasting profile creating a dark slat like appearance which not only enhances the aesthetics in your space but works on absorbing excess sound reflections in your room.

Deep contrasting slat profile Integrated cable tidy large format panel 2000x610x50mm Multi use for TVs, Walls & Studios 

Home TV Wall Acoustic Panel

From an acoustics point of view, placing television sets against  bare untreated walls is probably the worst place one could situate their television. Listeners are not only subject to sound waves generated by the TV speakers but also waves that are bouncing off the wall behind the speaker. Over time the ear gets accustomed to the sound however the quality is degraded leaving your room sounding louder and bright.

Installing Pro-coustix Urban panels behind your TV screen will instantly transform the sound you hear, the elimination of reflected waves from behind the television along with absorption features that enhance absorption around your room will leave you with much better sound that can be enjoyed at however volumes. The effect is one that has to be experienced to appreciate.

The dark colour of our Urban panels also enhances the contrast between the Television and the wall creating a better visual experience.

Urban Panels come with a cable tidy channel running vertically through the middle of the panel which can be used to hide those unsightly cables for a smart finish.

Music Studios

Looking for a panel that will make your studio stand out from the rest? Our Urban panels are cut with a unique profile that not only looks great but performs too. Use these panels to create deadened walls e.g. behind your monitors or on the back wall. These panels are great for treating vocal booths with the 50mm foam ensuring the vocals you capture are nice and crisp.

Podcasting suites

Every modern podcasting suite needs at least one Urban panel. The contrast these panels provide look really cool when captured on video making your studio look professional. These panels will deal with most frequency issues in the vocal range and so are the perfect companion for any podcaster. If you are going to be video recording your podcasts these panels can mean the different between your production looking ordinary

Office feature walls

The modern slat like design is a trendy look that is being embraced by designers in the interior design space. Our urban panels give you the trendy contemporary look without the price associated with traditional slat absorption panels. The panels are great as feature walls or spot treatment in non circulation areas.

Golf simulator installations

Looking for a wall finish that not only looks modern but is quick and easy to install? Our urban panels offer a maximum thickness of 50mm and have over hanging edges for seamlessly butting together adjoining panels to create large spaces if required. The middle of the panel has a channel which can be used for cabling if LED lighting is to be used to enhance the appearance of a works space. Let your golf simulator stand out with our easy to install Urban panels.

Technical Features

Size : 2000x610x50mm

Colour : Dark Grey

Foam Type: Polyurethane polyether

Fire Resistance: BS4735, UL94-HF1

  Self extinguishing FMVSS 302

  Max extent burn 60mm

Mouting: ATAC Spray Adhesive, Cartridge adhesive

Cleaning: Light dust with a lint free cloth