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Case Study: Transforming Home Cinema Acoustics with Bespoke Skyblox acoustic panels

Project Overview

Hyped Up Acoustics recently completed a transformative project for a client’s home cinema, significantly enhancing both the acoustics and visual appeal. The primary objective was to reduce echo and reverberation, improving the overall listening experience while creating a stunning feature wall.

Before Treatment

The initial setup of the home cinema (as shown in the 'before' image) featured bare walls that contributed to significant echo and reverberation issues. The room’s acoustics were suboptimal, negatively affecting the audio quality and overall viewing experience.


Solution: Bespoke SkyBlox Panels

To address these issues, we utilized a bespoke edition of our SkyBlox panels. These panels were meticulously cut so that the peaks were flush with the screen, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing integration into the home cinema setup.

After Treatment

Post-treatment, the transformation is evident. The SkyBlox panels not only serve as an acoustic solution but also create a visually striking feature wall. The panels have significantly reduced echo and reverberation, leading to a marked improvement in sound clarity and overall listening experience.



  • Acoustic Improvement: The bespoke SkyBlox panels effectively absorbed excess sound, reducing echo and reverberation. This resulted in clearer audio, enhancing dialogue clarity and overall sound immersion.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: The custom-cut panels provided a sleek, modern look that complements the home cinema’s design. The flush integration with the screen created a cohesive and sophisticated visual appeal.
  • Client Satisfaction: The client was extremely pleased with the results, noting a substantial improvement in both the acoustics and the room’s appearance. The feature wall has become a standout element of the home cinema.


This project showcases Hyped Up Acoustics’ commitment to delivering high-quality, customized acoustic solutions that not only improve sound quality but also enhance the visual aesthetics of the space. Our bespoke SkyBlox panels have proven to be an effective solution for home cinemas, providing both functional and design benefits.

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