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Custom made foam panels made to size for your golf simulator

Enhance your golf simulator with Custom-Sized Acoustic Foam Panels for Your Golf Simulator

Transform your golf simulator setup into a safe professional one with our exclusive custom-sized acoustic foam panels. At Hyped up acoustics, we specialise in technical foam product design and manufacturing, allowing us to offer a unique solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Tailored Precision for a Perfect Fit

One of the most frustrating aspects of setting up acoustic panels is the time-consuming and often messy process of cutting sjtandard off the shelf panels to fit your space. Rooms used for golf simulators vary in length, width and height in most cases not being round multiples of  standard off the shelf panels. This means that in most cases panels on the ends have to be cut to size leaving a room that isn't sym

with With our custom-sized acoustic foam panels, this hassle becomes a thing of the past. By providing us with your exact measurements, we deliver panels that are ready to install straight out of the box. No cutting, no mess, just a seamless and professional finish that enhances both the functionality and aesthetic of your simulator space.

Why Choose Our Custom Acoustic Foam Panels?

1. Unmatched Quality and Precision: Our expertise in technical foam product design means that every panel is manufactured with precision to meet your specifications. This ensures an exact fit and superior impact absorption, enhancing your golf simulator experience.

2. Professional Appearance: Custom-sized panels not only perform better but also look better. Achieve a clean, professional look without the need for additional adjustments or unsightly gaps.

3. Easy Installation: Save time and effort with panels that fit perfectly right out of the box. Simply unpack, place, and enjoy the professional impact protection.

4. Exclusive Offering: As leaders in the technical foam industry, we are uniquely positioned to offer this bespoke service. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities and commitment to innovation set us apart, making us the go-to choice for custom acoustic solutions.

Whether you are a professional golfer, an enthusiast, or a commercial facility, our custom panels provide the finishing touch that sets your simulator apart. Trust Hyped Up Acoustics to deliver the quality and precision you need to create the perfect environment for your game.

Order Your Custom Panels Today

Ready to take your golf simulator to the next level? Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and receive a quote. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you get the perfect panels for your space.

Experience the difference that custom-sized acoustic foam panels can make. 

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