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Try our products for 30 days with no charge what so ever if you don't keep them.

 We are pleased to say that all our commercial, education and public sector installations now come with a 30 day Try It For Yourself Guarantee! 

We will install our solution and give you 30 days to see if the improvement is really true to the hype. If you don't like the results we will not charge you a single penny.

We have developed innovative acoustic treatment products which are easily installed in a fraction of the time traditional fibreglass panel products take and can be installed without drilling your wall surfaces. doing so allows us to install and uninstall our panels quickly without damaging your wall surfaces.

  • Do  you have any classrooms or  learning spaces that have too much echo affecting the learning experience of sutdents especially students with special needs?
  • Do you have multi use workspaces e.g. dinning halls that suffer from poor acoustics with excessive echoes and reverberation?
  • Do you have meeting rooms that sound really acoustically bright and cause listener fatigue or projecting and unprofessional image
  • Do your board rooms and meeting rooms project the right image to clients and do they sound executive?
  • Are your reception areas too loud and bright sonically creating an impression of disorganisation and chaos?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our three step process to get your acoustics sorted is a no brainer and yes did we mention it? You will not pay anything upfront and only pay should you decide to keep the products we offer you.

All our products are acoustically tested and conform to the highest fire rating required for UK commercial buildings

To get the process started click on the link below and book a virtual survey today and let us help you improve the acoustics in your room.



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