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Isoflex Monitor isolation pads

Isoflex Monitor isolation pads

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Effective isolation requires pads made from foam with high load bearing capacity that is elastic enough to absorb speaker energy whilst rigid enough not to suffer compression fatigue

High Quality Foam

These Isoflex Monitor Isolation Pads are made from high density 65Kg/m3 Polyester foam and are like nothing in the market. From the material selected through to design these pads tick all the boxes for the modern studio whatever your level.

Pro-coustix Isoflex pads are designed effectively decouple your speakers from any surface they are resting on. The foam used for these exhibits excellent elasticity allowing it to absorb vibration energy whilst boasting of excellent hardness giving it the high compression load bearing capacity required superior monitor isolation.

Exceptional design

These pads are designed with an interchangeable profile consisting of a base and adjustable wedge which can be positioned to provide a range of listening angles. Unlike other pads on the market we designed these so thatwhen angled the profile does not block the front ports of speakers e.g. KRK 5s .

The front of the pad is rounded which reduces planar reflection interference that you would experience using other pads with an angled front.


4x pads each 100mmx40mmx 290mm - To be used in pairs


  • Made from High quality Polyester black foam
  • High Compression Load Deflection properties
  • Interchangeable profile allowing 5 speaker positioning angles
  • 4 pads to isolate larger speakers or horizontal speakers
  • Precision designed curved front to reduce planar reflections

Technical data

  • Density 65 Kg/m3
  • Compression Load Deflection 40%13kPa
  • Indentation Hardness 25% 420N
  • Tensile Strength 250 kPa
  • Compression set 50%, 22h,70o 3%

·All tests are UN EN ISO