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Building a golf simulator? We've got the solution for your impact cushioning

 Check Out Our Golf Simulator Panels

Ultraflex® is a premium, dark grey, high density, fire rated technical foam with excellent impact absorption properties which lend it well for use in impact simulation enclosures. Our plano panels are an increasingly popular choice for golf simulation installers who are seeing the benefits of a cost effective, easy to handle and install alternative to traditional curtains, drapes and upholstered foam.

Benefits of Ultraflex® Plano panels

Cost effective: Our plano panels are cut from a technical grade of foam which is designed to be used uncovered and yet remain aesthetically pleasing. The dark grey colour of the foam doesn’t discolour and naturally lends itself well to simulation enclosures where dark material linings are required. This drastically reduces costs, furthermore the dark grey colour reduces unnecessary reflections helping create a totally immersive experience.

Reduced installation time : Installing plano panels takes a fraction of the time required to mount and install alternative solutions. Plano tiles are installed used our ATAC heavy duty spray adhesive with large areas being covered rapidly. 

Aesthetically superior : Our plano panels are cut with a 45 degree bevel which creates a smart looking cushioned surface when installed. Increase client satisfaction with a professional looking surface. Other shapes and sizes can be cut if required with fast turn around times. Plano tiles are shipped out as standard 585x585x55mm with a beveled edge. No special handling equipment is required and panels can be cut on site using a stanley knife to fit any any awkward areas. The panels are light weight and can be used on ceilings without impacting on the load bearing limits of the ceiling structure. This flexibility and ease of handling also makes our  planotiles an attractive option for DIY users a market we are seeing growing exponentially.

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