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Introducing Pro-coustix Decor Panels! Cutting edge performance meets Stunning design

One of the biggest challenges acoustic panels present, is the large, clunky, sometimes primitive form these functional devices take.

To-date, introducing high performance acoustics into any space is almost certainly going to leave your room looking like a medieval church, with clunky boxes and panels hanging off your walls and corners.

The Decor Panel changes all that!  We've designed this panel from the ground up, to deliver a stunning contemporary panel with acoustic performance that is like nothing on the market. 

And today, until launch, we are offering you a special 33% off pre-launch offer to get a hold of these panels at an unbeatable price.


(Special introductory offer only available on pre-order basis right upto launch date 27/03/2023)

These premium acoustic treatment panels that inject a combination of diffusion and high end absorption in a panel that is like no other panel on the market.

Designed and tested by our acoustic experts through years of research, Pro-coustix Decor panels are fibre free and are expertly crafted for long lasting effective sound control in any environment.

If you are  looking for  high performance, premium acoustic treatment panels for your lounge, office or commercial space these are the panels you are after.

Pro-coustix Decor  panels feature our high performing melaflex class 'O' foam absorption core which brings unrivalled absorption to our diffuser panels. 

We've not stopped at anything to design and deliver a panel that  not only looks great but performs like no other on the market.



The Decor panel is able to exhibit this exceptional absorption and diffusion by ingeniously incorporating 75mm offset chrome mounts which significantly increase the panels performance by; 

1- Increasing the amount of the absorbing core exposed to incident sound waves. 

Standard diffuser/absorption panels have traditionally been mounted with the back face impaled, suspended off or glued onto walls effectively preventing the back face from absorbing sound waves. The Decor panel's offset mounting results in the entire back face of the absorber core being exposed to waves bouncing off the back of the wall significantly increasing the amount of absorption of each panel.

2- Introducing an airgap between the panel and the mounting surface

By offsetting the panel away from the wall the performance range of absorption is significantly increased. The quarter wavelength principle means the panel is able to absorb lower mid frequencies that standard panels just aren't able to deal with. 

3- Incorporating panel resonance to soak up lower mid and bass frequencies

The offset panel and foam assembly is mounted in a manner that allows the entire panel resonate when incident waves hit the panel. The dampening provided by the foam and resonating panel further improve the absorption performance of the panel.


Pro-coustix Decor panels provide unique sound wave diffusion by breaking up the surface against which the sound waves  incident on the panel are diffused improving  the overall acoustic in your  room.

We've tucked the foam into the back of panel making it barely visible from the sides when mounted against your walls. Leaving you with a clean crisp panel that will transform the sound in your room.


Suitable for domestic applications and commercial applications where class D, s2, d0 can be used.

These panels are designed to perform in your home office, home cinemas, music studios, restaurants, churches, lounges, entertainment suites, podcast suites, broadcasting suites, youtube channels.

Made from Euro Class D, s2, d0  fire rated acoustic board and Euro Class C, s3, d0 absorber core.



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