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Instantly improve the acoustics in your scouts hut, hall and other scouting facilities

Are you looking for a solution for  the deafening echoes and reverberation in your scout hut when occupied with excitable beavers, cubs, scouts or explorers?

Scout huts and activity spaces that are poorly treated suffer from long reverberation times, flutter echoes and excessive reflections which impact on the audibility and clarity of any vocal information to be conveyed, whilst multiplying the noise levels from occupants in the room.

The typical nature of the interior of these buildings namely,  plasterboard ceilings either peaked or flat, plain walls and easy to clean vinyl or laminate floors, provide the perfect environment for soundwaves to bounce around creating a harsh listening environment.

This environment impacts on the experience of the scouts, in particular children with special needs due to the degradation in the clarity of voices of those speaking, when projected across the room.

Over the last 10 years we have built a reputation as a trusted provider of practical and functional acoustic treatment products that help improve sound quality in scout facilities right across the UK.

We are offering you a free virtual survey to understand the acoustical challenges you are facing and run through some of the options we can provide.

If you would like any help improving the acoustics in any of your rooms, please click on the link below and let’s get you on your way to improving your building acoustics.

Our go to solution which is fire rated for public installations and offers high acoustic sound dampening and absorption are our melaflex acoustic panels. 

Give us a call today on 01442 899 296 and let us take the headache out of the acoustics in your scout's hut.

Our Melaflex acoustic panels and baffles are;
• Cost effective compared to traditional cloth covered fibreglass panels

• Extremely light and won't affect load bearing of ceilings they are mounted on

• Are easy to install in-house with supplied adhesive and fittings

• Fire rated to the highest standard to comply with UK building regulations

• Offer excellent absorption across the entire  frequency spectrum

• Availalble in brilliant white which won't discolour over time

• Can be cut into stunning 3 D shapes for bespoke requirements stc

• Fibre free resulting in a cleaner workspace due to no fibres escaping from the panels