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Acoustic Treatment Solutions for Home Cinemas

With a simple bit of stylish acoustic treatment in your lounge or audio visual room, you can significantly improve your audio visual experience. Sound waves bouncing off any flat surfaces and corners cause interference and "noise" to you the listener deteriorating the quality of sound you hear.  Modern minimalistic interiors further accentuate sound reflection, gone are the book shelves, picture frames, carpeted floors and cloth sofas all replaced by concrete plain walls, laminate floors blinds, glass furniture and leather seats. This combination of surfaces is the perfect environment for sound interference, excessive reflection, echoes and reverberation.

Improved acoustics in your living space is no longer the preserve of music enthusiasts but rather for any one looking to enjoy media content exactly as the artists intended it. We have been providing interior solutions to media enthusiasts  who want to ensure they improve indoor sound quality without compromising on the decor and elegance of their rooms.

Our Acoustiflex fabric covered panels provide a professional level of acoustic treatment for your home cinemas in three great colours of black, burgundy and grey.

Unlike other alternatives found in the market these panels use a core of Fibre glass which is upt two times denser than the fibre glass found in high street stores used in most common inferior alternatives. This industrial grade of fibreglass lends the extra punch these panels deliver to sort out your low ends and mids.

Look up our home made cinema packs which will contain everything you need to start enjoying your home cinema like never before!

Looking to build a home cinema? Then why not talk to us about our tailored 3D models of your space which we build from room plans measurements and pictures which help in computing accurate acoustic requirements as well as in identifying optimum acoustic panel placement. This will ensure your bring the big screen experience to your home.


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