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Hotels & Restaurants Acoustic Treatment

Effective noise management in restaurants and venues goes a long way in creating the right environment and ambience for your customers.

Today’s customer is a demanding customer and with access to a myriad of online channels for previewing and reviewing their experience in your restaurant you can not afford not to make the right first impression.

Older customers, business clients and those hard of hearing are quickly turned away by noisy facilities when looking for a dining venue as this erodes their sense of privacy and makes it difficult to have a decent conversation over a meal.

Modern, contemporary interior decor, whilst projecting a trendy upmarket image, lends itself poorly to good interior acoustics in restaurants. Sound from customer conversations and restaurant activity, bouncing off wooden floors, plain walls and polished surfaces, creates high levels of background noise from reflections and echoes resulting in an unpleasant and noisy environment.

A properly designed and installed sound control solution will instantly improve the acoustics in your venue, will create a sense of privacy and greatly improve the experience of your customers.

Our acoustic treatment solutions can be designed and retro fitted to either blend into your existing decor and remain virtually unobtrusive whilst delivering unparalleled sound absorption or can be used to complement the decor and accentuate the design features in your restaurant.

Talk today to us to see how our solutions can improve your acoustics and keep your customers coming back.