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Pro-coustix Ultraflex Raptor  Acoustic Foam sound tiles B Grade
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Raptor  Acoustic Foam sound tiles B Grade
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Raptor  Acoustic Foam sound tiles B Grade
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Raptor  Acoustic Foam sound tiles B Grade
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Raptor  Acoustic Foam sound tiles B Grade
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Raptor  Acoustic Foam sound tiles B Grade

Pro-coustix Ultraflex Raptor Acoustic Foam sound tiles B Grade

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These tiles are brand new and unused they are sold as B grade due to the following issues during cutting which mean they don't meet our high standards for A grade products.

  • The thinner part of the tile is between 5mm and 10mm as opposed to 10mm
  • The tiles are between 295 and 300mm on the edges 

Performance is not affected


Are you looking for an acoustic tile that will make your studio stand out from the crowd whilst delivering unparalleled performance? Pro-coustix Raptor tiles are the answer you been searching for. 

Over the years the wedge profile has become the staple of most studios with not really much else to use. That's all changed with the Raptor tile!

Step into tomorrow's sound with an acoustic tile that is not only striking but delivers exceptional absorption across the entire audio frequency.

Pro-coustix Raptor tiles are taking over studios in a big way from feature walls to clouds these  tiles are one way to enhance your sound whilst maintaining a futuristic space age look in your studio.

Raptor tiles are made from a high density, technical grade of acoustic foam that is exclusive to us! At 29Kg/m3 these tiles pack in a lot of absorption improving the carity of you mix in the upper mids and high frequency areas.

Raptor Profile

Our Raptor profile is cut in a simple yet effective sectional profile which can be used to create multiple display patterns, instantly transforming any wall space into an aesthetic centre piece with high sound deadening properties.

Cut with a 60mm peak this tiles are the thickest in our range and provide greater absoprtion for the same area of treatment whilst the unique profile will give you several pattern configurations ideal for creating full feature walls that not only look stunning but are effective in dampening sound.

These tiles are perfect for making great looking acoustically treated feature walls, floating clouds or simply spot treating early reflection points.

Weighted coefficient of absorption 0.86

Technical Specifications 

Panel size 300mm x 300mm x 60mm
Polymer type Open cell polyether
Density 29Kg/M3
Colour Dark Grey (Darkest Foam Manufactured in the UK)
Profile Razor
Temperature resistance -30 to + 110 degrees Celsius
Fire resistance BS4735, UL94-HF1
Self extinguishing FMVSS 302
Max extent burn 60mm
Weighted absorption coefficient 0.86

Ultraflex Foam

Introducing our most technically advanced polyether acoustic foam yet! We are pleased to introduce into the UK acoustic treatment market. Ultraflex Pro the most versatile acoustic foam designed to take your acoustic treatment to the next level. We’ve used our decades of experience as an acoustic treatment brand coupled with our extensive partnerships with the worlds most respected  foam manufactures to develop a foam that is quite like no other polyether foam out there.

Ultraflex is;

  • Denser than any PU polyether foam currently in the acoustic foam market  weighing in at a whopping 29Kg/m3. This greater density allows for higher performance without  the need to change our existing profiles. Each tile is 25% heavier than comparable acoustic panels available on the market. This mass gives our foam an unparalleled advantage over anything out there.
  • Darker than any PU polyether foam manufactured in the UK delivering a sparkling dark effect in your studio. We have retained the sparkle that made our Ultraflex foam a studio staple. These tile really look the part and will comfortably fit in all studios from low end intro to high end commercial studios. We are so confident that these are the darkest UK manufactured  polyether foam panels that we will offer you a full refund if you find darker foams on the market manufactured in the UK.
  • A technically advanced foam that is combustion modified to ensure safe use in most applications including the automotive, marine and aviation sector bringing exceptional performance to your home studio, podcast booth, listening room or home cinema.
  • Has a denser  complex open cell structure giving it a rubber like springiness allowing the foam flex and bend when exposed to sound waves this unique property allows the foam to soak up sound waves both through heat dissipation in its structure whilst the elastic nature of the foam helps further dampen sound wave incident on it.
  • Halogen free  polyether foam with excellent ageing properties guaranteed to see your foam remain dark longer and retain its structure for years. This foam is manufactured to the highest EU/UK safety standards continuing our brand mission to ensure you get products that are functional, safe and competitively priced for your home, office or passion.