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Pro-coustix Ultraflex Razor Studio Pack
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Razor Studio Pack
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Razor Studio Pack
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Razor Studio Pack
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Razor Studio Pack

Pro-coustix Ultraflex Razor Studio Pack

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Ultraflex Razor Studio Pack is our latest addition to our studio and home cinema range which combines the style and elegance of our designs with the performance our range of acoustic treatment products have come to be known for.

This pack contains

  • 4x Ultraflex Bassblox Bass Traps
  • 24x Ultraflex razor contemporary acoustic treatment tiles.

Ultraflex Razor Tiles

Ultraflex Razor tiles are a refreshing addition to our range of acoustic foam tiles and are cut in a stunning Block/Wedge Profile to give them a face that is exclusive to Pro-coustix.

Cut with a 20mm base this tiles will provide greater absoprtion for the same area of treatment whilst the unique profile will give you many more pattern configurations over standard wedge tiles. So you can get a studio pattern that truly makes your studio stand out from the rest.

Made from high grade Pro-coustix Ultraflex 25Kg/M3 open cell foam these tiles will look great on studios walls, offices, home cinemas, audio listening rooms, baby nurseries, church halls, vocal booths or anywhere sound is recorded or transmitted. These tiles can be used to treat medium to high frequency reflections, echoes, reverberation and standing wave problems.

Pro-coustix Ultraflex foam is a purpose made acoustic treatment foam that has been designed to deliver great results and look great in your studio.

Unlike foam sold by matress manufacturers this special purpose acoustic foam has been selected for its great performance and has already become the most popular choice for professionals looking to treat their studios.

Ultraflex Bassblox Bass Traps

Introducing Bass Control like no other
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass traps are made from high quality polyether acoustic foam with a unique contemporary profile designed to deliver great results.

Designed to perform
Using our trademark BassBlox profile for Deep Bass ControlTM (DBC) These bass traps have been designed to have deeper channels and longer projections to distort low end wave energy. The edges have been trimmed so that your bass trap stays in shape longer. No more flimsy angled edges! The back of the bass trap is angled off to leave an air column between the wall and the bass trap, this increases the performance of these traps as sound energy gets attenuated by the air gap.

Priced for affordability
We’ve used our engineered Ultraflex foam for these bass traps which allows us provide you with a high performing bass trap without denting your pocket.

Technical specifications Bass Traps
Dimensions Height 300mm
Nominal density 25Kg/m3
NRC 1.0
Fire rating UL94 HF1
Foam Type Polyether foam
Uniform open cell structure
Colour - Dark Grey

Technical specification Razor Tiles

Panel size 300mm x 300mm x 40mm
Coverage 1 pack covers 17.46 ft2 or 1.62M2
Polymer type Open cell polyether
Density 25Kg/M3
Colour Studio Grey
Profile Razor
Temperature resistance -30 to + 110 degrees Celsius
Fire resistance BS4735, UL94-HF1
Self extinguishing FMVSS 302
Max extent burn 60mm
NRC 0.80