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About Us

Hi there and welcome to the most exciting brand of sound control and acoustic treatment solutions to launch in the UK. Pro-coustix is a professional brand of high quality acoustic treatment products and solutions designed to deliver great results. Unlike other providers we are dedicated to developing products that deal with acoustic challenges at home and in your workplace backed by our extensive knowledge on acoustic treatment and sound control. Our range of products includes acoustic treatment panels, bass traps as well as mounting accessories. We also uniquely provide sound control solutions and are able to work with you to determine your exact requirements to help address any issues you have.

Our Products

Welcome to the most exciting brand of acoustic solutions to launch in the UK. We unlike many providers specialise in acoustic treatment and acoustic control products. Our current range of products includes Acoustic foam Panels, Basstraps and Monitor isolation pads. Our Sonarflex Wave and Wedge tiles are made from a high quality polyether foam 30kg/m3. Whilst our professional extreme range is made for polyester foam, for applications seeking only the best in acoustic foam performance. We've also introduced a very affordable range of acoustic treatment products, our Ultraflex range is destined to set the standard for the home and pro recording studio.

Design and installation

We offer a unique pick and mix range of acoustic treatment services, right from assessment and design to supply and installation which can be tailored to meet your needs. Our partnerships with some of the world's largest acoustic treatment manufacturers means we can provide  design and installation services to meet any requirement you have.  Using state of the art equipment we can quickly assess the acoustics in any workplace and recommend solutions to deal with any observed issues. Our services and products can be retro fitted to existing builds with exceptionally great results.

Contact us

+44 1442 899 294
Unit 8 Boxted Farm
Hemel Hemsptead
Pro-coustix is a registered trademark of Hyped up acoustics ltd registered in England and Wales No. 07808785 VAT Reg No. 144724318

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