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Pro-coustix Ultraflex Wedge acoustic foam tiles

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Wedge tiles Feb 2020


Made from high grade Pro-coustix Ultraflex 25Kg/M3 open cell foam featuring a contemporary wedge  profile that is both effective and looks great on your studio walls. These tiles can be used to treat medium to high frequency reflections, echoes, reverberation and standing wave problems.

Pro-coustix Ultraflex foam is a specially designed foam for acoustic purposes, unlike foam sold by mattress manufacturers this foam has a studio gray colour great structure and open cell ration. We've used the same great design principles that we have come to be known to deliver a tile that is effective and cost effective too!  This tiles pack a punch and will instantly improve the acoustics in your studio.

Pro-coustix Ultraflex wedge tiles are designed to withstand the demanding needs of today’s studios and commercial applications and although a a shade lighter than our Sonarflex tiles will look great in your studio.

This foam is denser that many cheaper alternatives offered in the UK coming in at 5Kg/m3. Greater density results in tighter packed air spaces per square foot and makes it possible to achieve balanced results using slimmer tiles. This results in a great bright and crisp sound as opposed to dead which can result from using thicker alternatives.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Panel size    300mm x 300mm x 45mm
Coverage    1 pack covers 23.25ft2 or 2.16M2
Polymer type    Open cell polyether
Density    25Kg/M3
Colour    Studio Grey
Profile    Wedge 20 base 25 Rise
Temperature resistance    -30 to + 110 degrees Celsius
Fire resistance    BS4735, UL94-HF1
Self extinguishing FMVSS 302
Max extent burn 60mm
Weighted absorption coefficient 0.75
Absorption Coefficient
0.85 @ 1000KHz
>1.0 > 5000KHz

Contact us

+44 1442 899 294
Unit 8 Boxted Farm
Hemel Hemsptead
Pro-coustix is a registered trademark of Hyped up acoustics ltd registered in England and Wales No. 07808785 VAT Reg No. 144724318

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