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Pro-coustix extreme BassBlox 4Pk

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This pack contains 4 bass traps ideal for treating small rooms.

Pro-coustix BassBlox bass traps are made from high quality polyester acoustic foam with a unique contemporary profile designed to deliver eXtreme results.

Designed to perform

bassblox-small-single-ebayThe sturdy block design used  maximizes the absorption of low frequency waves incident on the bass trap. These bass traps have been designed to have deeper channels and longer projections to distort low end wave energy. The edges have been trimmed so that your bass trap stays in shape longer. No more flimsy angled edges! The back of the bass trap is angled off to leave an air column between the wall and the bass trap, this increases the performance of these traps as sound energy gets attenuated by the air gap.

We didn’t just stop at looks, we’ve gone further and used very high quality polyester foam with a nominal density of 32Kg/M3 i.e. the standard in high end bass trap manufacture. This foam boasts of a uniform open cell structure offering greater airflow resistance and lending itself extremely well to effective absorption of bass frequencies. This foam is also UL94 HF1 tested and not only is it firmer than other foams but also takes longer to get discolored.

Sized for flexibilitybassblox-small-tower-ebay

We recognize that today’s artist requires flexibility first and foremost which is why we are releasing these in  305mm high profiles . This means with a 4-pack of 305mm bass traps you could treat four studio corners or stack em up to treat just the front two corners.The unique profile used means that stacking three or more of these tiles creates an effective  a slat-like array of rectangular wells and projections reducing the creation of artificially enhanced frequencies, which occurs with other poorly profiled bass traps.

Priced for affordability

Did we mention that we’ve sourced the foam for these tiles from the UK’s most respected specialist foam manufacturer? That’s right you get bass traps made from the same foam the leading acoustic product providers use but at a very affordable price. Why? We have focused on leveraging our commercial skills and expertise to negotiate extremely competitive prices and by stripping out the additional costs of advertising, packaging and range variation incurred by leading brands are able to provide you a product with the same performance at a fraction of the cost.

Get yours today

Now available from our online store! Get yours today!

Want to tame that unruly bass in your room? Get your BassBlox bass traps today. We have pack sizes to suit your needs.

Technical specifications

Dimensions L x W x H 12" x 12" x 12"
Peak density 33Kg/m3
Density range 28 - 33 Kg/m3
Average NRC 1.11
Fire rating Certified UL94 HF1
Foam Type Polyester foam
Uniform open cell structure

Contact us

+44 1442 899 294
Unit 8 Boxted Farm
Hemel Hemsptead
Pro-coustix is a registered trademark of Hyped up acoustics ltd registered in England and Wales No. 07808785 VAT Reg No. 144724318

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