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Could your music teaching room do with an upgrade?

We were approached by The Music Practise to improve the acoustics in one of their piano rooms, as the sound was "bright", "tinny" and reverberant. It was also affecting the quality of audio capture when, during lockdown, lessons were being held over zoom.

The client was keen to ensure that the solution we provided not only achieved the goal of improved acoustics but also was aesthetically pleasing. Whilst acoustic foam is a great acoustic absorber the grey colour can be a bit dull indoors especially in rooms where the intention is not to have an industrial audio feel.

We recommended our Diffuserflex acoustic diffuser panels and modelled the minimum quantity required for the room. The panels were delivered next day, along with our purpose built acoustic panel impalers, for secure removable mounting.

The results were amazing, the resulting acoustics in the room were greatly improved with improved absorption and broadening of the upper mids and high frequencies. This has resulted in a much more pleasant piano playing atmosphere reducing player fatigue and enhancing the overall learning experience. The real wood walnut veneered finish on the panels gives it a classy, high-end touch, resulting in a great music space. 

Are you struggling to get good sound out of your space? Talk to us today and let's get you on your way to better sound!

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