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Automotive Sound Control

Engine tuning facilities can be a noisy affair. Whilst a sound proof building will help reduce the amount of sound escaping into adjacent rooms, poorly treated interiors result in excessive reflections and reverberation creating workspaces that are noisy, unbearable and do not look exciting.

Our Ultraflex range of acoustic treatment panels provide an answer to noisy test facility interiors, instantly reducing sound levels and creating professional and functional workplaces.
Pro-coustix ultraflex foam panels have steadily risen to become the choice panel for dyno cell operators right across the UK, looking to improve the sound quality in their testing facilities without compromising on performance, aesthetics and safety.
Ultraflex foam panels are made from an acoustic grade are available off the shelf in two standard sizes 300mm & 450mm and can easily be mounted to existing walls using our Atac heavy duty spray adhesive.


Vehicle Vibration & Rattle

Autoflex placement 250pxVibroflex Vibration Control Mats are super mass loaded composite mats made from elastomeric butyl with an aluminium constraining layer which fuses easily to metal and other substrates reducing the vibration of panels in two ways;

  • Firstly at 4Kg/m2 they add a significant amount of mass to the panel, this lowers the frequency at which panels resonate making it “harder” for panels to vibrate.
  • Secondly these panels absorb the energy generated by the vibration of panels to which they are attached converting it into heat reducing the significance of any residual panel vibration.

This dual action instantly stops your vehicle body ringing and rattling, eliminates road noice transmitted through the car structure as well as external noise.

The result is an vibration free enclosure which;

  • Is pleasant to drive in, giving an executive feel to any car treated
  • Enhances the music listening experience especially those powerful low end bass frequencies
  • Improves the efficiency of your audio equipment, this reduction of energy being lost due to panel resonance and vibration means your amps and subs will not be over working but will still deliver sound like never before.