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Offices & Business Venues Acoustic Treatment

Treating business offices and venues with the right type of acoustic products can significantly improve the ambience and sound quality of your investment. Poorly designed buildings render otherwise useful office space as completely unusable whilst poor acoustics in restaurants and other lifestyle venues will compromise the privacy of your customers.

Untreated walls and ceiling in restaurants, salons and other business venues can create a nuisance to customers due to increased noise levels especially at peak times. Restaurants with poor acoustics feel less intimate and will compromise on the the privacy of your customers. Stylish acoustic panels, acoustic clouds and art décor can dramatically improve the ambience in such facilities improving the overall experience of customers.

With many offices now resorting to open plan seating arrangements noise levels in offices are on the rise. Increased levels are caused by flutter echoes and louder conversations of members of staff whilst going about their work. Loud spaces can be disruptive and impact on productivity of staff. Poorly designed buildings render otherwise useful office space as completely unusable. Lobbys, reception areas and meeting rooms provide the opportunity to make an impression on visitors and poor acoustics in these spaces can not only create an unprofessional impact but can lead to noise fatigue for clients and customers.

Our bespoke acoustic treatment can easily be retrospectively fitted into any existing space and is available in grey, white and other bespoke colours on request.

We also offer a full acoustic treatment design and installation service available across the UK. Please contact us to see how our service can help power up your sound.