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Acoustic Treatment for Schools & Educational Facilities

Interior acoustics plays a crucial role in class rooms and educational facilities where the transmission of the speech is required to occur with minimal distortion and loss. Class rooms that are poorly treated suffer from long reverberation times, flutter echoes and excessive reflections which impact on the audibility and clarity of the teacher’s voice whilst multiplying the noise level from students within the room.This environment impacts on the experience of the students in the classroom due to the degradation of the teacher’s voice when projected across the room. Teachers have to strain their voices to ensure they are able to communicate effectively with their students. This often leads to voice problems due to prolonged used of the voice and the need to shout to keep control.
Recent surveys in the UK and else where show that teachers form a disproportionate percentage of voice clinic patients.

As of 2003, Part E of the building Regulations which covers the requirements with respect to sound transmission has been widened to include schools within its scope.  This represents a significant tightening of the regulation of acoustic design in schools.   Acoustics design in schools can no longer be taken for granted by will now forma take a higher priority as it will be  subject to building  control approval procedures.
Our affordable high quality acoustic treatment solutions for schools enable schools comply with the building regulations during a period in which funds are constantly  under pressure.
The Department for Education revised the Building Bulletin 93 which provides guidance to architects, acousticians, building control officers and building services engineers through the process of the acoustic design of schools in the context of the various types of spaces and activities.

BB93 contains performance standards, acoustic principles, good design practice, calculation procedures, case studies on existing schools and an example submission to a Building Control Body.
BB93 aims to;
Provide a regulatory framework for the acoustics  of schools in  support of the building regulations
Give supporting advance advice and recommendations  for planning and design of schools.
Provide  a comprehensive  guidance to architect , acousticians,  building control  officers, building service engineers, clients  and others involved  in the
A copy of the BB93 can be found here
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