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Free Acoustic Treatment Survey For village halls and community public venues

Now that the lockdown is over, public spaces that are properly acoustically treated are in great demand for occasions and events. What most venue hall managers don't realise is the acoustics in the room will almost instantly influence a client's decision on whether or not to book a space.

Venues and spaces that are not acoustically treated sound bright and noisy and the thought of having guests in a venue that has excessive ring, echoes and reverberation will almost certainly turn away potential clients.

We are offering venues right across the UK the opportunity improve their chances of making the most of this demand by offering a free venue acoustical survey worth over £500. Our virtual survey  can be carried out at a time of convenience and involves visually inspecting the venue over  a video call , seeking out measurements, carrying advanced acoustical modelling to determine any particular issues and suggesting solutions to deal with these issues.

As a specialist acoustical treatment manufacturer we pride ourselves in offering solutions that are high performing, competitively priced and tested to the UK's high fire standards for public buildings. Our class '0' melamine foam panels are  a great way to instantly improve the reverberation times in any hall. They are fibreglass free, super light and can be installed using spray adhesive to walls or ceilings.  Our advanced CNC machinery can convert this foam into a  range of attractive shapes to suit your needs.

We would love to help you make the most of you space, if there is any particular aspect of acoustic treatment you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to speak to one of our friendly technical team members on 01442 899 294 or visit our website to see our range of acoustic treatment products.

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