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Same/next day high quality acoustic panels for offices and commercial venues.

Pro-coustix Melaflex Evo acoustic treatment panels are designed to reduce echoes, reverberation and noise in offices and commercial spaces. The special foam that these panels are made from exhibits a true 3D structure creating a very effective sound absorption panel. Melaflex Evo panels are extremely light, and weight less than 200g, which e they can be installed onto ceilings and walls without worrying about the load bearing capacity of these.

If you are looking for an affordable yet effective option to standard fibreglass or suspended ceiling panels, Melaflex Evo panels are your answer.

We are able to supply any volume in 24hrs anywhere in the UK with the capability to produce panels for same day collection or delivery.

If you have been let down by your acoustic panel supplier or are simply looking for an innovative and customer centric supplier for your acoustic panels, we've love for you to get in touch! We can help you complete your project on time. 

Why should you choose Hyped up acoustics?

Hyped up acoustics specialises in providing high quality acoustic treatment products for offices and learning spaces across the UK. We pride ourselves in our innovative approach to typical acoustic challenges and our ability to rapidly turn ideas into solutions.


How do I know it will work?

We offer a free acoustic modelling service for spaces larger than 100m2 to help us determine the optimum amount of acoustic treatment to achieve desired results. Computing the acoustic treatment means you only pay for the treatment you need to achieve your target room reverberation time.  

By modelling your space we are able to  give you an indication of how much better your space will sound, helping you justify the investment in improving the acoustics in your space.

Need panels yesterday?

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