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Case Study: Enhancing Acoustics for the 1st Baldock Scouts Group

Client Overview: The 1st Baldock Scouts Group, dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for scouts and doubling as an event hire venue, faced a recurring challenge in their scout hut. The rectangular room, with a flat plasterboard ceiling, had acoustics that were far from ideal. The concrete walls and vinyl floor exacerbated the issue, creating an unpleasant environment for scout instructors and making it challenging to host events effectively.

The Challenge: The acoustics within the scout hut posed a significant challenge. The room's configuration, combined with the building materials, resulted in poor speech transmission and intelligibility. This not only hindered scout activities but also made event hosting less than ideal.

The Solution: Hyped Up Acoustics stepped in with a tailored acoustic treatment solution designed to improve the acoustics of the scout hut while remaining cost-effective.

Our Approach:

  1. Simulation and Analysis: We utilized the room's dimensions, layout, and building materials to simulate the necessary quantity and placement of acoustic treatment panels. Our aim was to achieve an RT60 value of less than 1 second, striking the right balance between affordability and improved acoustics.

  2. Customized Recommendations: Based on our analysis, we provided detailed mounting and placement instructions to ensure that the panels would offer maximum absorption and deliver the desired results.

  3. Flexible Delivery: To accommodate the client's schedule and space availability, we arranged a convenient delivery time.

Client Feedback: "The fitting was completed by three teams using individual towers in approximately 4 hours in total, and I will comment the panels were very easy to attach, and there have been no problems with the adhesive, which worked very well.

I have attached some images of the hall, before and after. I hope these will be of some use to you.

The Scouts have now returned to the hall, and the comments from the leaders are very positive. The sound levels have been noticeably reduced, and the echo is well dampened. General conversation is much easier, and the hall is generally a much more pleasant environment to work in."

Conclusion: Hyped Up Acoustics not only addressed the acoustic challenges faced by the 1st Baldock Scouts Group but also provided a solution that significantly improved the usability and comfort of their scout hut. The implementation of Melaflex Evo panels led to reduced echo and improved sound quality, making the space more suitable for both scout activities and event hosting. Our approach, guided by advanced acoustic modeling and customization, ensured that the desired acoustic improvements were achieved cost-effectively.

Unlock Better Acoustics: If you have a space plagued by echoes and reverberations, like the 1st Baldock Scouts Group, consider our free virtual acoustic survey and advanced acoustic modeling service. We can help you transform your room's ambience, boost productivity, and make your space more appealing to potential hire customers. Contact us today to learn more!

Hall before acoustic treatmentInstalling acoustic panels in a hallHall with installed acoustic panels