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Case Study: Acoustic Treatment of 1st Hedgerley Scouts Hut

Challenge: The 1st Hedgerley Scouts Hut posed a distinctive acoustic challenge with its wooden floors and reflective ceiling, resulting in a high reverberation time. This acoustic issue significantly affected the teaching and learning environment, especially for scouts, cubs and beavers with special needs. The organisation sought an effective solution that could not only address the reverberation problem but also adhere to specific design constraints inherent in the hut's structure.

Design Constraints:

  1. Weak Ceiling Structure: The hut's ceiling was constructed from fiberboard, limiting the load-bearing capacity for the installation of acoustic panels.
  2. Warped Roof Nature: The design of the roof featured a noticeable warp, necessitating the selection of panels flexible enough to adapt to the irregular ceiling shape.
  3. Impact Resistance Requirement: Given the multi use nature of the space, the selected acoustic panels needed to withstand impacts, such as those caused by balls thrown during activities.

Solution: Signature Acoustic Panels

The chosen solution to this intricate acoustic challenge was the implementation of Signature Acoustic Panels. These panels boast a Melaflex core, known for its exceptional acoustic absorption properties, encased in a Class O fabric renowned for high abrasion resistance, ensuring durability and impact resistance.

Key Features of Signature Acoustic Panels:

  1. Melaflex Core: The panels' core material, Melaflex, was specifically chosen for its superior acoustic absorption properties, effectively mitigating the reverberation issues plaguing the Scouts Hut.
  2. Class O Fabric: The use of Class O fabric not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the panels but also ensures they meet stringent fire safety standards.
  3. High Abrasion Resistance: The fabric's exceptional abrasion resistance is a critical feature, making the panels resilient to impacts and suitable for spaces with active and dynamic use.
  4. Exteme light weight : Melaflex panels are extremely light allowing the project team the flexibility to mount the required number of panels using suitable cartridge adhesive. 

Installation Process: Due to the ceiling's weak structure, the installation of Signature Acoustic Panels was meticulously planned to avoid overloading. The flexibility of the panels allowed for a seamless integration, conforming to the warped nature of the ceiling and ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and effective installation.


  1. Reverberation Time Reduction: The implementation of Signature Acoustic Panels successfully reduced the reverberation time from 2.42 to 0.96, creating a significantly improved acoustic environment within the Scouts Hut.
  2. Enhanced Learning Environment: The improved acoustics had a positive impact on teachers and students, particularly those with special needs, by providing a more conducive and focused learning environment.
  3. Durability and Impact Resistance: The high abrasion resistance of the panels proved essential in maintaining the effectiveness of the acoustic treatment, even in a space with high levels of activity and potential impact.

Conclusion: The acoustic treatment of the 1st Hedgerley Scouts Hut with Signature Acoustic Panels exemplifies a successful integration of innovative solutions to address specific design constraints. The organization can now enjoy a more acoustically balanced space that caters to the diverse needs of its users while maintaining the structural integrity of the building. This case study underscores the importance of tailored solutions in overcoming complex challenges related to acoustics in educational and community spaces.