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Case Study: Transforming Shiloh Rotherham Hall with Melaflex Evo Profiles Acoustic Panels

Background: Shiloh Rotherham Hall, a vital community space, faced a significant challenge. Echoes and reverberations within the hall created an uncomfortable environment, affecting the privacy of conversations and diminishing the overall ambiance. The situation was particularly critical as the hall also served as a refuge for homeless individuals, making it essential to provide a comfortable and respectful atmosphere for those seeking solace and support.

The Challenge: The echoes and reverberations in Shiloh Rotherham Hall were not only disruptive but also impacted the quality of interactions and experiences within the space. The challenge was to find a solution that not only effectively addressed the acoustic issues but also aligned with the hall's purpose of providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, especially for those facing homelessness.

Our Solution: Melaflex Evo Profiles Acoustic Panels

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we introduced our Melaflex Evo Profiles Acoustic Panels, specially designed to combat reverberations and echoes while providing an aesthetically pleasing environment. Made from our innovative Melaflex foam, these panels offered the ideal solution for Shiloh Rotherham Hall's acoustic challenges.

Key Benefits of Melaflex Evo Profiles Acoustic Panels:

  1. Excellent Acoustic Performance: Melaflex Evo Panels effectively absorb echoes and reverberations, creating a quiet and comfortable environment where conversations can be held with privacy and clarity.

  2. Lightweight and Easy to Shape: Melaflex foam, known for its lightweight properties, allowed the creation of attractive and versatile panel shapes. This flexibility ensured seamless integration with the hall's existing architecture.

  3. Inherent Fire Retardancy: Safety was a top priority. Melaflex foam, being inherently fire retardant, provided peace of mind, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

  4. Easy Installation with Cartridge Adhesive: The panels were easy to install using cartridge adhesive, streamlining the implementation process and minimizing disruption to the hall's activities.


Upon the installation of Melaflex Evo Profiles Acoustic Panels, the transformation within Shiloh Rotherham Hall was remarkable. The echoes and reverberations were significantly reduced, fostering an atmosphere where conversations could happen comfortably and privately. The improved acoustic environment also contributed to a more positive and respectful atmosphere for the homeless individuals seeking refuge in the hall.

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