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Case Study: Transforming The Office Acoustics At The Dispute Service

Client Background:

Our client, The Dispute Service, approached us with a unique challenge: to enhance the acoustics in their bustling office environment without compromising the Japanese-inspired decor and open-plan warehouse-style ambiance. The office space faced issues such as excessive noise and reverberation, hindering effective communication among staff members especially on days when members of staff were working from the office.

Client Challenge:

The primary challenge was to address the high reverberation times, exceeding 3.6 seconds in the vocal frequency range, leading to elevated noise levels during conversations and phone calls. The goal was to find a solution that significantly improved acoustics while seamlessly blending with the existing decor, adorned with chain screens, and maintaining the warehouse-style, open-plan office atmosphere. Traditional solutions, such as hanging acoustic screens, baffles, ceiling-suspended acoustic rafts, and reintroducing a dropped ceiling, were not feasible options.

Solution Approach:

Our innovation team embraced the challenge, utilizing advanced acoustic modeling techniques to identify the optimal acoustic treatment solution. The objective was to strategically place treatments that would be virtually invisible to staff members while achieving a significant reduction in reverberation time and overall noise levels.


  • Acoustic Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis to identify key frequencies and areas with the highest reverberation times.
  • Innovative Modelling Techniques: Employed advanced modelling techniques to design a solution that seamlessly blended with the office
  • Advanced Acoustic Materials: Installed our Melaflex Acoustic panels in the ceiling space between the concrete beams where there were they set about absorbing excess echoes and reverberations whilst remaining out of sight.
  • Strategic Placement: Placed acoustic treatments strategically to achieve optimal results without compromising the aesthetic of the office space.


Our team successfully reduced the Reverberation Time across vocal frequencies from 2.24 seconds to an impressive 0.68 seconds. This transformation significantly improved the overall acoustics in the workspace, creating a more conducive environment with markedly reduced noise levels.

Client Feedback:

Adrian Delaporte, the client representative, was highly impressed with the acoustic transformation achieved. He provided the following feedback:

"We were amazed at how the team managed to enhance our office acoustics without compromising our unique decor. The reduction in noise levels has had a tangible impact on communication and productivity. The installation team worked efficiently and were able to carry out the transformation without affecting our work schedule. Yet again, the project was completed on time and to a high standard.  I would highly recommend their services for anyone facing similar challenges."


This case study highlights our ability to innovate and overcome unique challenges in acoustic design. By combining advanced modelling techniques with strategic placement of treatments, we successfully transformed the office environment, providing a quiet and aesthetically pleasing workspace that aligns with our client's vision.

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in acoustic solutions and our ability to achieve remarkable results in even the most challenging environments.