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Global Shortage of Foam Ingredients

The global foam supply chain is currently facing unprecedented shortages in a number of key ingredients that are used to make foam used in a number of sectors.

Unfortunately the Ultraflex grade of foam has also been affected and faced with with price rises of over 30% in foam ingredients during the last six weeks, we are left with no choice but to cease production of our polyurethane acoustic panels for the short term.

We hope the supply situation will improve over the coming weeks where we will be able to to start production again however until then we ask all our customers to bear with us.

These are difficult times to say the least and we know how important our products are in enabling our customers improve their sound quality both at home and office and are working round the clock to ensure we have suitable high performing alternatives available for your use.

We can only apologise for any inconvenience this may cause however are reminded that these are very uncertain times. Thank you again for understanding

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