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Acoustic treatment for your garden room

Create the perfect space for work, hobbies and leisure with Pro-coustix professional acoustic treatment.

Most garden rooms are multi-use spaces with a majority being used as office, multi-media rooms or music practice spaces. However the clean contemporary finish with glass doors, wooden flooring and flat ceilings that these rooms contain don't lend themselves well to interior acoustics. This creates an unpleasant listening and working environment affecting end user satisfaction and use of the rooms. Often owners of brand spanking new garden rooms come to us seeking help to improve the acoustics in their spaces.


Our expertise in improving interior acoustics puts us in the best place to help you attain the optimum acoustics for your space wheter you are using the room as an office, listening room, home cinema or a chill out lounge.

Our acoustic treatment solutions start from the basic acoustic foam options in dark grey, white, light great and purple to the high end reall wood veneer diffuser panels and fabric covered acosutic panels.

How much acoustic treatment do I need?

Every room is different and the use you are going to put the room to once it is complete will determine how the nature and amount of acoustic treatment you will require. Some rooms e.g. home cinemas, music studios or listening rooms will benefit from a combination of absorption, diffusion and bass traping whilst others used as office space or home gyms will do just fine with absorption.

The type of acoustic treatment you choose will mainly be determined by your budget, the space available and decor you are looking to achieve, maintain or complement.

Broadly speaking acoustic treatment options range from;

Our team is on hand to provide you acoustic treatment advice whatever stage your garden room is at. In our article on home cinema acoustics we advise that engaging our team of acoustic treatment experts at design stage and incorporating our solutions into your build will result in  acoustic treatment that blends with your room, reducing the clunky, industrial look that retrospectively adding acoustic treatment can sometimes create.

If this is something you are interested in please call us on 01442 899 294 or use the form below to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you get the most out of your garden room.

Improving the acoustics in your garden room
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