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Pro-coustix Acoustiflex Fibreglass Corner Bass Traps Black
Pro-coustix Acoustiflex Fibreglass Corner Bass Traps Black

Pro-coustix Acoustiflex Fibreglass Corner Bass Traps Black

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Pro-coustix Acoustiflex Fibre Glass Wall bass traps are a professional grade acoustic bass traps that will power through bass modes in your mixing room, home theatre, studio or listening room.

These high quality panels are made from industrial grade fibreglass with a density of 65Kg/m3 which is up to twice as dense as domestic fibre glass found in UK stores. This gives our bass traps that extra punch you will not get from inferior alternatives.
Designed and manufactured in the UK these fibre glass panel meet the highest standards in fire and acoustic performance and have a core of class O fire rated fibre glass and covered in Camira(TM) acoustically transparent cloth.
The panels are completely sealed with the corners neatly tucked away to leave a tidy finish. The back of the panel is covered with a thin film of tissue to keep all the fibreglass filaments inside the panel.
Available in a range of colours on order.

These bass traps come with angled edges to allow them to straddle the corner of your studio and used in combination with our wall bass traps will ensure you deal with resonant bass modes in your room improving the low end of your productions and material.

Eliminate bass boom forever and tighten up your rooms response today.
Mounting and placement
Corner mounting
We recommend you use our corner bass traps which are designed with tapered edges to ease mounting. These can be mounted in corners and glued in place using our trade fast setting cartridge adhesive