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Pro-coustix Melaflex Foam Ceiling Panels Baffles Flat 1200x500x30mm

Pro-coustix Melaflex Foam Ceiling Panels Baffles Flat 1200x500x30mm

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The panels are made from a high quality Basotect melamine foam which comforms to the highest fire rating standards in the UK. Being fire proof or class '0' the core provides a number of advantages over traditional fibreglass panels.

Panel Size 1200x500x 30 mm

-Melamine foam is unlike fibreglass doesn't have any fibres as such is harmless to users.  Traditional fibreglass panels will always have fibreglass strands escaping right from the manufacture process to installation. If you don't want to inhale fibreglass strands switch to melamine core panels.

- Melamine foam exhibits a true 3D struture giving it exceptional absorption capabilities over standard foam and firbre glass alternatives

-Melamine foam is extremely light and can be mounted with simple spray adhesive or velcro tabs for temporary placement.

- Melamine white foam panels will retain their white colour even when exposed to UV rays which would cause other foams to start to discolour with a brown tingy colour.


Pro-coustix Melaflex Ceiling & Wall panels can be used in offices, conference faciclities, village halls, home cinemas, music studios, commercial buildings, public facilities, broadcasting stations, restaurants and shops.

Mounting Walls and Ceilings

Pro-coustix Melaflex ceiling  acoustic panels can be mounted using ATAC spray adhesive, pins or impalers. Due to the extreme light weight of the panels no adjustments need to be made to retro fit the panels on to walls and ceiling grids.

Use As Baffles

Melaflex panels can be suspended from celings as baffles, using baffles allows natural light down onto workspaces.

Advantages of Melaflex Evo panels for acoustic treatment

  • High sound absorption
  • Simple to install on walls and ceiling using adhesive
  • Halogen free composition
  • Fibre free solution
  • Cost effective when compared to fibreglass
  • Cheaper per sq/m compared to dropped ceiling installation
  • High fire resistance
  • Can be CNC cut to most 3D shapes
  • Available in white or any RAL colour